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Do you want to know how to make your home more appealing and energy-efficient and reduce maintenance time and costs? Have A & B Roofing & Siding install attractive, easy-care siding. Siding projects have the second largest return on investment, with an average of 95.5% percentage of cost recovered. If you’re in the Greensboro, Summerfield, Whitsett, or Burlington, NC area, A & B Roofing & Siding is your best choice for siding repair and installation.

Quality siding reduces monthly energy costs by creating an insulating barrier between conditioned air and the outdoors. As a result, there is less heat exchange and less energy used to cool or heat your home. Siding is also low maintenance. No more scraping or painting wooden shingles, or patching cracked or split panels. Home siding never needs painting and you can clean it with a garden hose! Finally, the siding our contractors install make your home look beautiful and attractive. The wide array of colors, finishes, and patterns makes your home carry superior “curb appeal” and increases its value.


Experts agree a home’s exterior should be painted at least every seven years, and more often if you live in a harsh climate. However, costs can add up, especially if you have to repaint every few years. The cost of painting a three-bedroom home can total more than $50,000 over a 20-year period! That makes siding an attractive alternative.


Given the climate we have here in North Carolina, siding is the superior choice for your home. It won’t chip or crack in the winter weather conditions we experience every year, nor will it fade in the blazing sun and humidity of our summers. To get started on installing siding or scheduling siding repairs, choose A & B Roofing & Siding!

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